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Published: 18th January 2011
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Dell Precision M4500 laptop comes with very efficient and exceptional features and has all the standard specifications of a Dell laptop. The M4500 is designed as a mobile workstation. It includes high quality Intel processors and an Intel Core i7 quad core, as well as super clear Nvidea graphics. It's a workstation that does an excellent job. Even the appearance of the Dell Precision M4500 inspires confidence, as it has Dell's traditional corporate look. It's a durable laptop with a strong, powerful magnesium body and a solid, industrial design. It comes at a nominal cost in accordance with its features and it weighs around seven pounds.

The M4500's screen resolution can be set up as 1600 X 900, 1366 X 768 and 1920 X 1080.. Dell is very popular for their talent to produce high-quality screens which could be viewed outdoors. Viewing angle as well is impressive, in addition to the great color and contrast effects. Dell Precision M4500 laptop offers an array of processors including the Intel Core i7 extreme edition. Animation and video creators love this laptop, as it has Nvidea Quadro FX 1800M graphics, which help produce stunning, perfect graphics. It offers leading-edge features to suit the challenging tasks that prevail in this fast paced world.

Dell Precision M4500 laptop provides a full size keyboard with standard Dell button / touch pad combination. However, the screen lid and keyboard do differ from other Dell designs, in that they are slightly flexible. This is an advanced feature of the Dell series and the M4500 laptop that is not often found in other laptops. Connectivity preferences are quite impressive and it must be agreed that their design team have given exceptional comfort regarding the ports. Another notable thing is that it provides both PC card and Express card slot. Similarly, it has got a high quality, long life battery with the chance of using 6 cells or 9 cells. The Dell Precision M4500 laptop is considered a robust and stable machine. It has very impressive performance and the speed is super fast. The price is in the range of $3500.

Specifications of Dell Precision M4500 laptop

1. Nvidia Quadro FX 1800M graphics

2. 15.6? screen

3. Backlit keyboard

4. FIPS fingerprint reader

5. resolution up to 1920 x 1080

6. HDD up to 500GB

7. up to eight GB DDR3 RAM

8. 64 GB SSD

9. 802.11 WiFi

10. Windows 7 Ultimate

11. Blue-ray

12. Bluetooth

13. PC Card

14. up to Intel Core i7 620M 2.67MHz

15. Express Card

16. Memory Bandwidth: 1066MHz and 1333MHz

17. Support for single or double storage devices

Dell precision M4500 mobile work station laptop

Dell precision M4500 is the advanced 15.6 inch mobile workstation. It's an superior blend of professional productivity and mobility that is maximized by exceptional performance and striking scalability. The Intel Core TMi7 extreme edition processor is built in to this machine. Dell precision m4500 laptop drivers include audio, BIOS, blue tooth, graphic card drivers.

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